April 26, 1986

The world's worst nuclear disaster takes place at the Chernobyl power plant near the city of Prypiat.


The Chernobyl sarcophagus is inaugurated but is proven to be faulty - “Chernobyl sarcophagus still losing radiation”
Rushed attempts to improve the insulation set the scene for work accident cracking the cement cover wide open - “Explosion at Chernobyl working site damage the radiation protection layer”


The Chernobyl area starts reporting missing people and a new wave of radiation - “More missing people around the Prypiat area - government denies knowledge and pins it on adventure tourism”.
The authorities enlarge the exclusion zone, build a big wall around the area to keep everyone out
The government decides to experiment with teleportation technology on site to try to “disappear” the nuclear plant. The local radiation levels indicate the process will be easier.
With Japanese assistance tesla coils are built on site (see Radiation Island)


At a first attempt to teleport the power plant the experiment goes wrong. Local population and labor force are turned into mindless zombies
The process is covered up as another work incident and the whole area is declared off-limits and closed to all access.


A team of investigative reporters sneaks into the new zone to find out what happened. All communication is lost with them
After 3 months of no communication you decide to get in the exclusion zone and start searching for her.
Using your wife’s notes you pinpoint the team’s entry point.
Their plan was to get in the area at the periphery and then start an investigation about what really happened.
With a small Cessna you get in the exclusion area and try to get close to their point of touchdown but you crash due to an electromagnetic malfunction.
After activating the conduit network around Prypiat to finaly get teleported inside the Chernobyl powerplant where the you hope to find your wife.